How Did 9/11 Affect the Business World?

9 11 01candlesimplelarge1 250x300 How Did 9/11 Affect the Business World?This week marks the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the USA. Certainly the world at large was never the same, but it’s worth asking, how did 9/11 affect how business was done?

Well clearly it altered the world economy in the short term, and the trading status of several middle eastern countries in the medium and long term.

But I think the 9/11 attacks also transformed how many people do business forever.

At a human level.

The biggest change I noticed in business after 911 was that people took the time to know each other, beyond the business at hand.

Conversations shifted from just being about work, to getting to know the person behind the title.

Sure money still mattered, but it now wasn’t just about money. People had a new appreciation that the Vice President Of Marketing they were meeting was also a father of two.

Was this just a temporary shift?

I don’t think so.

Even a decade after that cataclysmic event, I still notice a deeper interest in the whole person when business colleagues get together.

This renewed interest in the person behind the corporate mask has undoubtedly improved business relations – both inside organisations and in their dealings with other companies. When we take the time to get to know the person we are dealing with, on a personal level, we usually end up doing more business with them.

Why? Because our trust is deepened, our defences come down and we find points of commonality and shared interest.

The events of 911 substantially deepened these corporate inter-relationships, building the twin towers of caring and kindness.

  • Joyce Marwick

    Firstly Simon, thanks for the Strategic Entrepreneur seminar in Sydney at the beginning of September. It was fantastic and certainly worth the journey from Perth.
    I agree —compassion patience and respect will win every time.I appreciate the way you share your wisdom and knowledge.

  • Shayne Sullivan

    Trust is the cornerstone of successful business relationships. Word of mouth referrals are the most powerful source of new and repeat business and it’s how all businesses grow. By getting to know each other on a personal level that is genuine is how people know whether you are a giver or a taker. Givers are more concerned with helping each other prosper and developing lasting ties. These are the people to be trusted with any referrals that you may give.

  • Arndria Seymour

    Ten years on and I still cry out loud at significant loss of so many innocent lives on September 11.

    I am sure the corporate mask has been taken off by many in the US. However many countries mine being Australia, the ranks of senior management still armour up each day and go into battle. Some executives talk about authenticity, resilience and the need for a spirit of generosity yet few walk this talk.

    I still live in hope that the corporate world will understand the power of people – engagement and the value of their contribution as when it is harnessed you can see first hand the impact it has on the triple bottom line.

    Siimon let’s hope more senior management around the world pay attention to you message and take off their corporate masks and just be themselves.

    Great blog Siimon thank you for your insight!

  • Thisbe

    Siimon, Agree with you 100%. The 9/11 instance changed one’s perspective and reset one’s life priorities.
    In terms of trust, I have a few transactions that went through without any formal paper work. Just simply based on trust. But, Trust worthy person is hard to find nowadays. If I come across one, I value it highly.

  • Scott Rawlinson

    I too have felt the change and there is a growing hunger for people to connect on a personal level. Customer service where you are no longer just a number but a person with a nave is returning to my world. We are reclaiming the village that we abandon. Currently in China I experience this need for connection and social understanding before business is very strong. Next time you meet someone do not asked them what they do for a job. Asked them what is there interest and see what happens.